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Find the Best Health Insurance for YOU.

Fast, Affordable Health Insurance Coverage. Easy to Apply.

$0 to apply. $0 premiums available. $0 copays.


Getting health insurance coverage doesn’t have to be complicated, or costly! We’re here to help you find the perfect health coverage without paying a penny more than you need to.

We make it incredibly easy to apply for health insurance and understand your health coverage options.

After a quick online application, you get to talk to a real person, providing real answers to your questions and affordable insurance options to fit your budget and lifestyle. Coverage can start the 1st of the next month.

With Affordable Healthcare zero dollars goes a long way.

Typical Types of Affordable Healthcare Plans We Issue

Health Insurance

Vision Insurance

Dental Insurance

Medical Checkup

EPO Health Insurance

Medical Consultation

HMO Health Insurance

Skin Biopsy

PPO Health Insurance

Nurse with Protective Mask

Individual Health Care Coverage

Happy Family

Family Health Insurance Coverage

Doctor and Patient

Medicare Insurance

Dentist Appointment

Medicaid Insurance

Girl in Wheelchair

Student Health Insurance

Business Meeting

Unemployment Health Insurance

Businessmen with Umbrellas

Low Income Health Insurance

Our Top Health Insurance Providers

Markets We Serve with Affordable Healthcare:

North Carolina     Texas     Alabama     Georgia     South Carolina    Virginia

Let’s chat to see how easy and affordable it can be to get great health insurance coverage.

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Affordable Health Insurance FAQs

What is the Affordable Care Act?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a comprehensive reform law, enacted in 2010, that increases health insurance coverage for all Americans regardless of preexisting health conditions.

Who qualifies for ACA healthcare?

You are currently living in the United States. You are a US citizen or legal resident. You are not currently incarcerated.

How do I get health insurance coverage at no cost?

The federal government subsidizes premiums based upon your income. The less income you make, the less money you pay for your monthly premium. Ex. If you have a household income of $35,000 or less per individual or less than $70,000 per family, you may qualify for healthcare plans with $0 monthly premium.

What are the benefits of ACA?

  • Health insurance is more affordable for many people

  • People with preexisting health conditions cannot be denied coverage

  • Screenings are covered at no cost

  • Prescription drugs cost less


Which insurance companies provide coverage under ACA?

  • United HealthCare

  • Ambetter

  • AetnaCVS Health

  • Cigna


When does coverage begin?

Once an application is approved, coverage begins on the first day of the following month.

We love providing quality health insurance coverage with the lowest health insurance rates, and the most comprehensive support.
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